SoftMouse Internet Colony Management System - tracks breeding, pedigrees, cages, mice, litters, genotypes, mouselines, etc. Ideal for Animal Technicians and Biomedical Researchers in small and large laboratories. SoftMouse is simply the best web-based Mouse Colony Database Software and Mobile Laboratory Information Management System (LIMs) IN THE CLOUD.
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SoftMouse Data Import Tool

Why use the Data Import Tool?
SAVE hours
in data entry time
with your real colony data
How it works:
your colony data
Data Import Tool:
Data Import Tool:
Data Import Tool:
your colony data

Use the SoftMouse File Upload Center     or     Email your data file to:

FAQs on the SoftMouse Data Import Tool:

How long does the process take?
You can expect to have your data imported over one weekend with your populated account ready for you first thing the next Monday morning.

Do I need to format my data before sending it?
No - Send us your data as is!

What file types do you accept?
We accept any digital file format (except for scanned copies of your paper records!). Spreadsheet format (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, .csv files, etc.) would be optimal - but our tool can import from varied formats.

We can also import your data if it is in another database program (e.g. GMouse), please contact us for details at

How much data should I send?
Feel free to send as much data as you think would be necessary for you to properly simulate your real environment.

Where should I send my data?
Send an email to with your spreadsheet in an attachment and an Iseehear representative will be in touch with you within the hour.

What will happen immediately after I send my data?
An Iseehear representative will contact you within one hour of your data being received. Your representative will explain the next steps to you and be your main point of contact for your import and your entire trial.

How is my data secured after I send it?
Your data will be stored securely at all times after receipt. No one other than your main Iseehear data import contact will ever view the data. Once your data is imported and you are satisfied with your account, your data file will be promptly deleted from your Iseehear representative's mail server and local computer.

What is meant by Data Verification (Step 2)?
The Data Verification step checks any inconsistencies within your data relationships, for example due to inconsistent copy and paste methodologies. Data Verification ensures the integrity of your data before import.

What is meant by Data Optimization (Step 3)?
The Data Optimization step will give you suggestions on nomenclature standardization based on pattern recognition (e.g. standardization of Mouseline names or Gene names)

After my trial, if I want to switch to a paid account, will I need to import my data again?
No - you can seamlessly move from your trial account to a paid account without the need to import your data again.

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We are continually improving SoftMouse to make it an even more valuable mouse colony database for our customers.
Specifically, SoftMouse is continually undergoing improvements based on feedback from our customers. So please keep the suggestions coming!
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Tel: +1 416 226 3375
Toll Free: 1 844 559 6322

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