SoftMouse Internet Colony Management System - tracks breeding, pedigrees, cages, mice, litters, genotypes, mouselines, etc. Ideal for Animal Technicians and Biomedical Researchers in small and large laboratories. SoftMouse is simply the best web-based Mouse Colony Database Software and Mobile Laboratory Information Management System (LIMs) IN THE CLOUD.
January 27, 2022    6:21 pm
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SoftMouse Benefits and Features


Reduce animal bills
Find unused cages

Flag aging/unproductive mice

Monitor breeding productivity

Reduce data tracking time
Group edit records

Schedule alerts/reminders

Filter and sort large datasets

Reduce data errors
No more copy and paste!

Real time view of colony

Standardize data across users

Mouse and cage costs

Colony/experimental data

Research continuity

COLONY MANAGEMENT Create an Account »

Maintain an up-to-date colony with easy data entry and data updating tools
    Create mice in batches - input as many as 100 tagged mice at a time!
    Group edit multiple records of mice or litters at the same time
    Track both simple and complex genotypes in an intuitive way
    Automate weaning of multiple litters with the click of a button
    Consult detailed mating histories to track breeding productivity

TASK MANAGEMENT Create an Account »

Maintain an up-to-date colony with easy data entry and data updating tools
    Filter mice by age, sex, genotype, etc. to assist in planning experiments
    Create experiments with recurring dates for data collection
    Automated color code alerts for past and upcoming wean dates
    Automated color code reminders for harvesting plugged females
    Export any filtered data to a local spreadsheet for further manipulation


Locate relevant data with the click of a button
    Track lineage with quick links between related records
    Find any records with our robust, memory-enhanced Filter Tools
    Group mice into cages based on sex, genotype, mouseline, etc.
    Execute intuitive workflows for weaning, tagging and genotyping pups
    Select edit actions from a centralized drop down list within every record


Simplify communication between researchers and animal technicians
    Restrict record sharing on a mouseline by mouseline basis
    Set View Only access to ensure the integrity of your records
    Set Edit access to allow others to make modifications to your records
    Transfer records to others by easily switching record ownership
    Create records for other lab members

MAKE IT YOUR OWN Create an Account »

Configure your database based on your unique work process
    Configure list columns to display only the data that you want to see
    Populate customizable and searchable drop downs with your own content
    Set preferences for age display, date formats, language settings
    Create multiple cage sizes depending on your facility requirements
    Export or print to pdf filtered lists for local storage or emailing

FREE DATA IMPORTING Create an Account »

Take advantage of our FREE Data Import Tool.
You simply need to send a digital copy of your mouse records to - it doesn't matter the formatting or number of records.
We will take care of the rest.

SoftMouse v3 Mobile Device Optimized (iPad and Android Tablets)

Available on FREE and PREMIUM versions

With the new SoftMouse v3, we have also optimized SoftMouse for easier display on smaller screen devices. If you are taking your smartphone or tablet into the animal facility or mouse house, you can access your SoftMouse account with the new simplified mobile interface for quicker data entry.

Simply login to your account at and the system will auto detect your screen size to ensure it shows you to corresponding interface.

Try It Now »


Visit the SoftMouse FREE and PREMIUM Comparison Table for a list of some of the features that are available.
Comparison Table

NOTE: SoftMouse FREE users are accorded the same standards of security, encryption and IP protection that our paid subscribers receive.

Learn about SoftMouse v3!

We are continually improving SoftMouse to make it an even more valuable mouse colony database for our customers.
Specifically, SoftMouse is continually undergoing improvements based on feedback from our customers. So please keep the suggestions coming!
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Tel: +1 416 226 3375
Toll Free: 1 844 559 6322

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